14 September 2011

Missoni for Target

Can we start off by ranting about how frustrating Target.com was yesterday? I was put in a waiting line! What?! And after 20 minutes I was able to sneak in there to check all of Missoni x Target goodness, only to find that a majority was already out of stock. It was 10 in the morning. What. Oh and furthermore, I was booted back to the waiting line after five minutes of perusing the collection. Talk about pretentious. I suppose it's understandable since we're talking about the most influential prints in the fashion world and paired with the target price tag? What's not to be obsessed with?

Loaded with scarves, swimsuits, shorts, and housewares, there's something for everyone with this collection. I was happy to see that the quality was fairly decent and the prints were, well, still Missoni. I am obviously head over heels in love with their scarves (duh) and at $24.99 I could theoretically have them all..... right? Even if I did have the extra bank, I couldn't have indulged if I wanted to since they, like everything else, was out of stock. Lame.
This just adds to my scarf obsession.. Instant glamour.
Even though the clothes and accessories were out-of-this-world amazing, I think what really shined in this collection was the bedding and housewares. I was swooning hard over the amazing color-explosion that took the form of a quilt. A quilt! of Missoni! Sold out. Of course. Pair that with their throw pillows and I would be sleeping like a queen. Oh the things I would do for a gosh darn blanket.. I dare say I have never said that before.

Need I say more?!
It's hard for me not to indulge in all things zig-zagged and striped in a plethora of colors. But I suppose Target failing to keep it on the shelves will have to do. Sigh.

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