28 August 2011

Summer is in full swing

in late August? What? Yup. Much to Seattle's frustration, the summer sun is finally out and about the way it was supposed to two months ago. But, it'd be unfair to complain about it now. So as most schools have already started their academic year, my friends and I have a solid month of vacation left. Also known as sweet, sweet bliss. So while I've been living in my denim cutoff's and DIY cut T's, I've been carefully planning out what my autumn wardrobe will look like. After all, fall is my favorite time of the year and I'm ready to change as the leaves do.

Since I am a full time student, funds are always limited. Even if I can perfectly picture myself in Chanel booties and that gorgeous sheer blouse from Marc Jacobs, it's not gonna happen. But with a plethora of shops and boutiques at my disposal (did you know I lived in Seattle? ha) I've already started on fulfilling my list of wonderful clothes.

If you just want the gist of what's been on my brain the last few weeks just know jewel-toned anything, a good camel leather jacket, wedges, sheer blouses, a crisp blazer, and scoop necks. I will of course always be rockin' denim whether on my legs or on my back (I guess I should say chambray) and chucks on my feeties. This fall is all about keepin' it casual and sophisticated, and when you're me: easy. Plus, when you stick with simple colorful basics free of any obnoxious print or fabric, you can keep them forever because there's so much you can do. I'm finding that out with all the awesome jewelry I've been finding, but that's for anther day...

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